As we begin another school year, we like to pause to reflect on the school year that has just passed.

Here are some notable numbers from 2016-17:

Photo: Susie Hessburg

Total lessons taught: 772

Lessons in the garden: 59

Middle school lessons: 27

Number of schools: 52
Number of districts: 8

Schools receiving over 30 lessons: 7

Students taught in total: 7,118
Students taught 4-lesson unit: 2,849
Students taught for the second consecutive year: 3,790

Student contact hours: 20,340

Farm trips: 5
Classrooms on farm trips: 13


We have great things planned for the 2017-18 school year, too! Here are some highlights:

  • Welcoming Eastside Co-op as a new sponsoring partner, and teaching in schools in Northeast Minneapolis
  • Using the funds raised through our Birchwood BOOST partnership to teach in schools where demand for our lessons exceeds our current capacity
  • Unrolling our new series of lessons, Climate Conscious Cuisine
  • Three fall farm trips planned; more to come in the spring
  • Continuing our 20+ year legacy of providing quality healthy food and gardening education to thousands of students in the Twin Cities metro area

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