Community Partners

Organizations & farms teaching kids about growing and eating healthy food

These organizations also partner with Midwest Food Connection in teaching children about farming, growing, and eating healthy food.

  • We work with the Minneapolis Public Schools by connecting our lessons to what’s cooking in the cafeteria and helping to host True Food Taste Tests.
  • My MN Farmer hosts Midwest Food Connection farm trips to teach school children about rural farming, animal husbandry, and growing organically. They also supply produce for the Minneapolis Public Schools!
  • Garden Farme has hosted many MFC farm trips over the years. It continues to be a fun place for kids to explore and for young people to learn the ins and outs of farming.
  • Growing Lots provides our students with the opportunity to see urban farming up close! This farm, which was built on top of an abandoned parking lot, hosts MFC kids for farm visits in the fall.
  • Sometimes our students head over to Wisconsin to visit Common Harvest, a CSA farm that’s been operating since 1989.

Many of the photos on our website were taken by local photographers Chris Bohnhoff and Kari Goodnough.

Students from Bright Water Montessori learn how to harvest lettuce from a farmer at Garden Farme.



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