How do I invite a Midwest Food Connection teacher to my school?

Review our offering of lessons under programming. Thencontact us and tell us when you would like us to come to your school. We usually schedule 4 to 6 weeks out.

What do your school programs cost?

The first lesson of the day costs $135, each additional only $95. There are travel charges for schools more than 25 miles from the city center of Minneapolis.

How much time does a lesson take? How much time do we need between lessons?

Ideally, the lesson takes 55 minutes with 5 minutes passing time.

How do I prepare my class for this experience?

We design our natural foods and sustainable agriculture lessons to be valuable experiences as stand alone school programs. However, your students will benefit more if our curriculum enhances a unit you are teaching.

How many kids can you teach at once?

Since our lessons are hands-on and interactive, we can only teach up to 35 students at once.

Does MFC have a scholarship program?

We do not currently have funding for one. However, in some areas of the Twin Cities, nearby natural food co-ops sponsor lessons in classrooms.

Can Midwest Food Connection give my students or children advice regarding specific nutritional needs?

We cannot. Midwest Food Connection’s educators are trained as teachers, but not as dieticians.

How can I volunteer for or help Midwest Food Connection?

We sometimes need volunteers who have skills with children to assist in the classroom or on field trips. We also would appreciate connections to organizations or foundations that would like to partner with us. Finally, you can support us via donations through this website.

What schools has Midwest Food Connection served?

Midwest Food Connection serves schools primarily in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota). If your school is not located in the Twin Cities, please contact us to make arrangements. We would be happy to speak with you about your school’s natural foods programming needs.

We’ve served these public and private schools in the Twin Cities area:

Northrop Urban Environmental, Whittier Community School for the Arts, Burroughs, Corondolet, Kenny, Lake Harriet, Andersen, Bancroft, Dowling Urban Environmental, Hiawatha Community, Longfellow, Pratt Elementary, Seward Montessori, Southside Family, Sullivan Communication Center, Transitions Charter School, Capitol Hill Gifted and Talented, Expo for Excellence, Groveland Park, Highland Catholic, Horace Mann, J.J. Hill Montessori, Linwood A+, Museum Magnet, Adams Spanish Immersion, Webster Magnet, Hale School, Clear Springs, Groveland, Galtier Science Magnet, Brimhall, Pillsbury M/S/T, Sky Oaks, St. Anthony Park, Stonebridge, Thomas Lake, Christina Huddleston, Greenleaf, Lake Marion, Sioux Trails, Westview, Twin Cities German Immersion, Jenny Lind, Learning Center, New City Charter, Wenonah, Wilshire Park, Mounds Park Academy, Valley Crossing, Wise Charter Academy and many more.