Ginger has been a remarkable teacher with our program and we are thankful so many kids got to have lessons with her!

Here’s why…

Ginger has a warm smile and an easy laugh, which of course make her presence in any classroom welcoming and pleasant.

She has an intimate, working knowledge of how children learn kinesthetically and with their imagination, and as a storyteller she draws the kids in with a calm, varied voice and dynamic facial expressions.

Ginger’s knack for cleverly and swiftly incorporating the occasional off-the-wall comment quickly and smoothly into group discussions, even when silly, often amaze and elicit smiles.

Her ability to make a teaching and display tablecloth look like it was transported from a cozy home to the classroom floor with a simply placed woven basket, a colorful textile or a carefully chosen selection of produce was always delightful and visually engaging.

Ginger’s broad and specific understanding of natural, unprocessed food transcends trends and fads. More importantly, her patience and interest in imparting her knowledge to not only kids, but to inquiring teachers, parents and classroom volunteers was a key way in which she helped to impart the value of careful attention to local, unprocessed, whole foods upon which the Midwest Food Connection is founded.