With the Holidays in full swing, be sure to accommodate your bite-sized guests by serving some of these delicious and nutritious appetizers at your next gathering!


Fruit and Cheese Kabobs


Using this inspiration from Parents.Com, add extra holiday magic to a simple cheese and fruit stick by using your favorite cookie cutters to shape fruit and cheese into holiday shapes. You can even make the kabobs themed to whichever Holiday you celebrate. For Christmas, use a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter, and use it to cut green melon. Add white cheese cubes, strawberries and raspberries, and you will be sure to delight! For Chanukah, use a star shaped cookie cutter, white and yellow cheeses, and blueberries.


Shamrock Spinach Crackers



Try this Shamrock Spinach Cracker recipe, except use a Christmas Tree cookie cutter to make these crackers more seasonally appropriate. Serve the chips with your favorite salsa for an extra special color combo.


Veggie Shooters


Finally, you can always try this recipe for Veggie Shooters.  Just chop up red peppers and celery, and arrange it in a wide shot glass with hummus on the bottom. Since it is super portable, it is good for kids to grab as they are running away to play, and for adults chatting the night away.


Whatever your holiday plans may be, enjoy a happy, healthy holiday season!