Fall 2

Offered November – January

Cooking Minnesota’s Harvest

Here children learn that local food is available after our weather turns cold.  We prepare fresh veggie stew “from the root cellar” and present grains in various tasty forms.  The unit also includes our lesson on sugar, in which kids learn about both the ubiquitous nature of processed sugar in our food supply, and the wonderful alternatives we make here in our state.

Winter Vegetables

Discover how some of our most healthful vegetables survive outside in the winter, and how root cellars once kept many others fresh in the coldest months. Children will learn through stories and taste a selection of cabbages, roots, and hardy greens.

Pasta: Noodles of Fun

By watching the creation of dough and making their own noodles, students will learn about the ingredients and processes that go into this grain-based food eaten worldwide.  Whether it’s made from corn or wheat or rice, students discover the delicious ways people use grains to make their pasta and just how easy it is!

Sweets and Sugars

Rare is the child that does not love sugar and sweets. But do they know how to moderate their intake and how to get good energy and nutrition while enjoying sugar and its alternatives? Children will learn these concepts through discussion, drawing,  role playing, and making a simple sweet snack.

Corn through the Centuries

This lesson tells the fascinating story of corn, from its Native American origins to its abundant present-day uses. Presentations may include storytelling, games, cooking, and diverse examples of its products.

Invite us to your school

How can you invite Midwest Food Connection’s natural foods programs into your classroom? Simply contact us via e-mail! Or, you may call and our staff will help you tailor a lesson plan to your students’ needs.

Tell us

  • What lesson (or group of lessons) you need.
  • When you would like us to come to your classroom.
  • How many classrooms are involved.

We schedule four to six weeks out and will take advance reservations as well.


  • $135 for first program
  • $95 for each additional program taught on the same day

*Maximum booking: 35 students per program, 6 programs per day

*Additional mileage charges may apply to schools more than 25 miles from Minneapolis’ city center

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding Midwest Food Connection’s programs, curriculum, or fees. Our educators would be happy to assist you in planning your school’s natural foods program.

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