Offered February – March

Gifts from Many Cultures

This series gives children a taste of the diverse food traditions that new immigrants have brought to Minnesota. We study the healthy food choices that come to us from around the world, with a special look at cultures from Mexico, Southeast Asia, East Africa, and Europe.

Gifts of Grain

Around the world our ancestors came to use different grains. Children will explore four key grains and learn to associate them with their climatic surroundings. We will try some fresh corn tacos, for which intermediate grades will make their own flavor pack.

Bountiful Beans

An excellent staple food filled with flavor and nutrition, beans are brought into the spotlight as students investigate their consumption and cultural influences around the globe. Students will handle several varieties and will taste a popular bean dish from India.

Potatoes, More than Fries

Students will follow the amazing journey of the potato from South America over Europe and back again to our continent. We will explore the colorful variety of potatoes grown around us for healthy winter meals. Activities will include acting out a potato plant, creating tasty recipes and making potato art.

Global Fruits

Explore how new fruits from different climates are constantly being introduced to our country! Even the apple was once new. Through careful taste-testing, children learn to appreciate the flavors of tropical and less familiar fruits.

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