Spring Donor Campaign – THANK YOU!

This spring, we asked you to help us raise the greens to reach more children and you responded. As we approach next year’s shifting financial landscape, we greatly appreciate your generosity. After adding up your online and mail-in contributions, we exceeded our goal with a total of $3,553! Thank you for contributing your part towards the movement to teach the next generation how to care for themselves, the land, and for each other.


The WHY of our Work

In the fall, we walk into the classroom with a tall cornstalk in tow. The next week we hide root vegetables around the room for students to discover in an imaginary root cellar. In the winter, we paste beans to a map of the world and look at potatoes full of eyes. As...
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Gifts from Many Cultures

“Raise your hand if your grandparents were born in a different country,” I ask a classroom of 4th graders at Bruce Vento Elementary. “Raise your hand if your parents were born in a different country,” I continue, encouraging students to look around the room at their...
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Witnessing the Power of Stories

“My favorite part was when you told the story about the seed of the sun and all those other stories in that day.”    – 3rd grader from Horace Mann Elementary As the newest and youngest member of our small staff, I have learned a lot over the past six months of...
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Midwest Food Connection 101

Here are some photos from my visit to Frost Lake Elementary this January, exploring and tasting some new fruit in our “Global Fruit Picking” lesson. Ever wondered just how Midwest Food Connection is able to reach students all over the Twin Cities with our culinary...
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Five MFC Projects to Watch For

Uli Koester In January, MFC wrapped up an exciting year of celebrations, special lessons, and speaker engagements. Twenty years of teaching children about great food! Emerging from this excitement, we find ourselves with a new mission statement and a strategic plan...
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Our Sponsors


Over the years major support from foundations, school PTA’s, and natural food cooperatives have provided a strong funding base for Midwest Food Connection. However, we need to grow our individual donor base in order to reach more schools. If you would like to support us via in-kind donations or through volunteer work, please contact us. We welcome your assistance in reaching more children with our natural foods awareness programs.

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Midwest Food Connection (MFC) sends educators into elementary school classrooms to teach about healthy eating, local foods, as well as sustainable and organic agriculture.

  • We provide children with opportunities to study and taste natural and organic foods.
  • We create an understanding in children of the origins and traditions of regionally produced foods.
  • We teach children about the methods and benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • We organize and lead field trips to local diversified farms.


Please contact us to find out how Midwest Food Connection can partner with your school to bring our food and gardening curriculum to your classroom. Click the link to learn more about our programs.

Our extensive curriculum covers topics from whole grains to local produce to immigrant cuisines. We have created elementary school lessons specifically for kindergarten, primary, and intermediate grades, and offer a new middle school curriculum as well. Each lesson has been carefully polished through frequent use in a variety of classroom settings.

Midwest Food Connection has partnered with schools in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area since 1994. During the school year of 2015/6, we taught in 60 schools and taught over 1,000 individual lessons.

Dear Uli, Thank you for bringing all that delicious food and I never knew so much about food. It was so fun. My favorite food was the kale. I didn’t want you to leave. You were one of the best teachers. I learned a lot about three new seeds. Your friend, Christopher

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We want to send out one big THANK YOU to individuals, PTAs, and co-ops who donated to #raisingspringgreens, our spring donor campaign. We raised $3,553! These funds will help us bring food education to children who haven't had the opportunity to learn about good, healthy, and delicious MN foods. Thank you for empowering the next generation of food lovers! <3 ... See MoreSee Less

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The praying mantises hatched this afternoon and I got to witness them slowly emerging from the egg case. This summer they'll help keep the aphids and mites away from my basil and tomatoes. Thank you insectivores!! 🙏🏼🌱🌿 ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy last day of school to Minneapolis students and have a great summer! Why not play with your food this summer? (You could still eat it when you're done so it doesn't go to waste!) ... See MoreSee Less

How To Turn A Carrot Into A Recorder 🎶

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Here's one #recipe for our Spring Harvest Salad with Salad Girl Fresh Organic Salad Dressings--we make many variations of this salad. 😉What are your favorite ingredients to add to a spring salad? #edibleeducation #foodeducation #healthysnacks #springharvest ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks to support from co-ops like Seward Community Co-op we give students the opportunity to learn about healthy food choices, try new things, and have fun, positive experiences around food. We like to remind kids that you have to try something 10-15 times before you know if you like it or not, and to try two bites to let you tastebuds get used to the new flavors. This kid seems excited to try brussels sprouts, though! #coopspotlight #edibleeducation #foodeducation #brusselssprouts #braveeaters (Photo: Chris Bohnhoff Pictures) ... See MoreSee Less

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