Middle School

Offered Year-round

Developing Habits for a Healthy Life

This unit gives middle school students the tools to decipher advertisements and food labels in order to make informed decisions about their eating. Students discover healthy snacks, natural flavors, and good fats as alternatives to highly-processed foods. Through discussions and activities, they practice making healthy choices to last a lifetime.

Media, Marketing and Snacks: Navigating the Ads

Snacks can revitalize us between meals. Yet many snacks on the market are empty of nutrients, high in calories and heavily marketed to our “taste buds.” This lesson will help students recognize advertising techniques while exploring healthy snack ideas.

Favoring Natural Flavors 

This lesson unpacks the flavors of curry. While we cook a tasty dish, children mix their own curry powder and devise a marketing campaign for cumin, turmeric, or cardamom.

Friending Fats

Good fats, bad fats, low and high fats. Do food labels help us make good choices? What are the sources of fat and how much is good for us? Why do we need fat and why do most of us like high fat foods? We’ll learn to understand this perplexing essential daily requirement.

Sweetened Beverages 

With an ever-increasing array of sweetened beverages available, this lesson offers discussion and activities that will illustrate how they impact our health, fostering informed decisions for years to come.

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