In early May, 71 kindergarteners from Christina Huddleston Elementary visited My MN Farmer, a family run farm in Montgomery, MN. This farm grows produce for CSA members and the Minneapolis Public Schools, raises chickens and bunnies and cows and sheep, and always has something exciting going on! Kindergarteners got to meet the farmers and experience farm life through planting potatoes, taking a hay ride, learning about chickens, petting bunnies, and watching a sheep shearing. Almost thirty parent volunteers came out and showed equal interest in the plants and animals on this vivacious farm. The teachers and farmers are keeping up the relationship by encouraging student families to go out for special events on the farm and by connecting the school cafeteria with their locally-grown produce.

Every fall and spring, Midwest Food Connection brings school kids out to local farms. Nothing tops putting your hands in the soil, harvesting produce, or feeding a cow to really understand how food grows. While walking to the potato field on this trip, one of the young farmers heard a kindergartener proclaim, “I’m never gonna forget this day for the rest of my life!” These memory-making experiences connect us to our roots and awaken our senses. And they are some of my favorite moments in the school year!

This June, first graders from Dowling Elementary got to visit Growing Lots Urban Farm, and second graders from Westview Elementary visited Valley Natural Foods. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for photos. In the meantime, take a look at these adorable shots from this farm trip! Thanks farmer Jean and farmer Dean for hosting us.


Molly Sowash is an educator with Midwest Food Connection (MFC). Since graduating from Macalester College in 2016 with an English degree, she has been teaching with MFC and learning with students across the Twin Cities. Molly loves playing with kids, writing, reading, singing, and growing food.