How can we “eat green” and reduce our contribution to global warming through our food choices?

There are many steps that can be taken and eating Locally is one of them.

Here is what will be served in Minneapolis Public Schools at the start of the new year!

Minnesota Thursdays January 7, 2016

Turkey Hot Dog – Ferndale Market, Cannon Falls, MN
Whole Grain Bun – Pan O Gold, St. Cloud, MN
Potato Salad – Hugh’s Gardens, Halstead, MN
Beauty Heart Radish Slices – Open Hands Farm, Northfield, MN
McIntosh Apple – Wood’s Orchard, Egg Harbor, WI
Jonny Pop – Jonny Pops, St. Louis Park, MN

This is a great article by the NRDC that elaborates on a few key ideas about how food the food we eat affects the environment and the impactful, positive choices we can make, including

  • Eating locally
  • Reducing food waste
  • Buying food with as little packaging as possible
  • Eating “low” on the food chain
  • Eating food labeled “organic”