This fall has been packed with field trips for the third graders at Brimhall Elementary School and FAIR School. The focus of these field trips has been to learn about the nutritional, economic, and environmental benefits of eating locally by visiting the local farm themselves. Some of the highlights are below!


Brimhall Field Trip to Common Harvest Farm

On this trip, the third graders got to participate in a range of activities. First, they learned about kale. They learned to identify it, then picked it and got to feed it to the horses. Next, they learned all about local amphibians by getting to hold frogs and salamanders. Finally, they learned about insects on the farm and their relationship to the local ecosystem. They also got to find bugs and identify bugs all over the farm!

Brimhall Field Trip to Garden Farme

On this field trip, third graders also participated in three activities. First, they helped to pick tomatoes for Garden Farme’s CSA boxes. They learned that not all tomatoes are red! Next, they learned about local trees, specifically, the different varieties, ages, and uses. Finally, they helped to harvest potatoes and were extra careful not to puncture the potatoes with their digging tools – the farmers were impressed!

Fair School Field Trip to the Laughing Loon Farm

The Fair School Students also got exposure to multiple aspects of farming at the Laughing Loon Farm in Northfield, MN. They tasted pickled radishes (and liked them!), and helped to harvest beets and lettuce. They got to feed the chickens with large slices of zucchini, and then got to collect their eggs. As a thank you for their help, the Laughing Loon farmers let each child take home a winter squash!