The unjust and senseless death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police laid bare (once again) the pervasive systemic racism that is woven into our social fabric.

Midwest Food Connection stands in solidarity with BIPOC (Black ● Indigenous ● People of Color) communities in denouncing police brutality, white supremacy, and all systems of inequity and injustice. In community we mourn the death of George Floyd and reflect on ways to deconstruct what makes racial violence so commonplace. There is a lot of work required to create safe and supportive spaces that truly values each and every life. 

We recognize that food and food access is a right directly tied to freedom and liberation. People deserve to be connected to their food, each other and the land.

Midwest Food Connection is committed to restorative practices that honor individuals, communities, ecosystems and culture as we teach young people how to nourish themselves and one another. We offer students the peace and comfort that comes from deepening their relationship with what feeds them. As we engage and empower youth through nourishing food, so they can engage and empower their communities too.