It’s that time of year! We at Midwest Food Connection incorporate thankfulness into our teaching whenever we can, asking students to think about the farmers who grew the food they’re about to taste and take a moment to silently give thanks. Today we’d like to take a moment to call out a few things we’re grateful for in this season of Thanksgiving.

Our Individual Donors: We just wrapped up our fall donor drive at the beginning of this month. We received $2427 in individual donations. Thank you!


Our Co-op Sponsors: Seward, Mississippi Market, Valley Natural Foods, and Eastside Food Co-op


In-Kind Donations: Harvest Moon Co-op, Rustic Crust, Organic Valley, Salad Girl, and Sno-Pac for donating food we use in our lessons


Local Farmers and Producers for growing the food we used in our early fall Eat Local series of lessons


Our Partner Schools and Teachers who invite us into their classrooms


You, for believing in good food education! Happy Thanksgiving!